Conture Make Up

Beautyface Side, Conture Make Up, Long Time Liner  

With this Make UP you can go to sleep.

What is the meaning of Conture Make up?

That means as much as "Long Time Make Up". Around the lips, at the brows and at the eyelids we assist the nature. Thus thin, incomplete brows become fuller, small eyes seem then larger and narrow lips more beautiful and sensual.
Beautyface Side, Conture Make Up, Long Time Liner  


Difference between Conture Make UP and permanent Make UP

With the Conture Make UP usually during and after the treatment neither bleedings nor swelling or redness will occur. The pigments are placed only till the second layer of the epidermis. Thus no scars develop. A complete Conture Make UP, including brows, eyelids and lips are, lasts approx. 6 hours. Only certified products are used (medicine product law). Durably lined brows, continuous eyelid line and continuous lip outline are a fulfillable desire with the new LONG - TIME - LINERS method . And the best:
Beautyface Side, Conture Make Up, Long Time Liner Beautyface Side, Conture Make Up, Long Time Liner Beautyface Side, Conture Make Up, Long Time Liner Beautyface Side, Conture Make Up, Long Time Liner Beautyface Side, Conture Make Up, Long Time Liner  


For accentuating the the natural outline of the lips, the conture is simply retraced. If an enlargement or a correction of the lip form is desired, the skin surface between the new outline and the natural edge of lip will be shaded using a special technique. Our exclusive speciality is > Lip full shade.<

Eye brows :

Often brows grow irregularly or due to constant pulling very meagerly. Dyeing is only a short term solution, since straight brows villi have only a life span of four weeks. Here the Conture Make UP is simply ideal. The exactly measured line of the brow is drawn with different pigments, so that they look completely natural.

Eyelid line :

A pigmenting of the highly sensitive upper and lower edge of eyelid underline the expression of the eyes. Precisely working Conture Med 2000 purifying pigmentation equipment brings pigments up to second layer of the epidermis, in which there are no nerves and no blood vessels, thus very indulgenceful and almost pain-free.

The safe way:

With a special coloured pencil the ideal outlines are marked, which can be determined by accurate measuring of the face. So one can make corrections at any time before the final Conture Make UP. Only then the actual implanting of the colors begins with the special device, which Conture Med 200, which guarantees for a indulgenceful treatment
The underlining of your personality, natural beauty by Conture Make UP
And how does that function? With a special device pigments, which consist predominantly of minerals, are brought into the skin. Since only placed untill the second layer of the epidermis, no swelling or side effects arise. If it concerns your face... naturally only from the specialized trained and certified Lingerists.