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Day by day is getting hotter and so you have a small incentive to leave your sun lounger to do what for your skin, I've thought of something. In July and August, there is on all treatments (pigmentation, hyaluron and facials) 20%!
You are welcome to tell, I look forward to you

Conture Make Up

Wrinkle filling injections

beautyface side, conture makeup, long time liner Around the lips, at the brows and at the eyelids we assist the nature. Thus thin, incomplete brows become fuller, small eyes seem then larger and narrow lips more beautiful and sensual.

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beautyface side, gesichtspflege, Gesichtsbehandlung Wrinkles are the result of natural ageing process. With age the skin is looses moisture, with the result, that wrinkles appear and the pore structure becomes bigger. Responsible for the skin moisture is the natural hyaluronic acid (Hyaluron).

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